toe loop

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noun Skating.
a jump in which the skater takes off from the back outer edge of one skate, makes one full rotation in the air, and lands on the back outer edge of the same skate.
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Also called toe loop jump, tap loop jump.

Origin of toe loop

First recorded in 1960–65

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What is a toe loop?

The toe loop is a figure skating jump in which the skater jumps from the back outside edge of one skate, rotates (at least once) in the air, and lands on the back outside edge of the same skate.

Less commonly, it is also called the tap loop jump.

The jump can be performed with multiple rotations, resulting in a double toe loop (two rotations), triple toe loop (three rotations), or quad (or quadruple) toe loop (four rotations).

The toe loop is one of the six recognized jumps in competitive figure skating. Because it is done with the use of the skate’s toe-pick, it is classified as a toe jump (along with the Lutz and flip; the loop, Salchow, and axel are classified as edge jumps).

Example: After she completes the Salchow, she’ll transition to set up a double toe loop.

Where does toe loop come from?

The first records of the term toe loop come from the 1960s. The toe loop is named such because it is very similar to the loop jump but employs the use of the opposite toe pick.

The move that became known as the toe loop is thought to have been developed by U.S. figure skater Bruce Mapes, who was said to have first performed it in 1920. The jump became and has remained one of figure skating’s staple jumps.

In 1988, Canadian Kurt Browning became the first skater to successfully land a quad toe loop (four rotations) in competition. In 2022, figure skater Kamila Valieva became the first woman to complete a quad jump in the Olympics, in fact performing two during her routine: a quad Salchow and then a quad toe loop.

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What are some synonyms for the toe loop?

  • toe loop jump
  • tap loop jump

What are some words that share a root or word element with toe loop

  • double toe loop
  • triple toe loop
  • quad toe loop

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How is toe loop used in real life?

Figure skating fans are familiar with the toe loop as one of the six jumps in figure skating. The jump known as the axel is perhaps more well-known among casual spectators.


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The toe loop is classified as an edge jump.

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