tonic spasm


noun Medicine/Medical.

See under spasm(def 1).

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Origin of tonic spasm

First recorded in 1825–35


[ spaz-uhm ]
/ ˈspæz əm /


Pathology. a sudden, abnormal, involuntary muscular contraction, consisting of a continued muscular contraction (tonic spasm) or of a series of alternating muscular contractions and relaxations (clonic spasm).
any sudden, brief spell of great energy, activity, feeling, etc.

Origin of spasm

1350–1400; Middle English spasme < Latin spasmus < Greek spasmós convulsion, derivative of spân to draw a sword or cord, wrench (off), convulse

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British Dictionary definitions for tonic spasm


/ (ˈspæzəm) /


an involuntary muscular contraction, esp one resulting in cramp or convulsion
a sudden burst of activity, emotion, etc

Word Origin for spasm

C14: from Latin spasmus, from Greek spasmos a cramp, from span to tear

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Word Origin and History for tonic spasm
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Medicine definitions for tonic spasm


[ spăzəm ]


A sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles.
A muscle spasm.


A continuous involuntary muscular contraction.entasia

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