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colloquial shortening of tonight, attested by 1918.

Present-day student notices on bulletin boards, etc., read oftener than not, "Party Friday Nite," "Meeting Tonite," "Kum Tonite," etc. [Louise Pound, Spelling-Manipulation and Present-Day Advertising, "Dialect Notes," 1923]
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Historical Examples

  • I feel most too tired to rite in you tonite, Mr. Diry, but I guess I'll tell you wot made me feel so xerted.

    The Bad Boy At Home

    Walter T. Gray

  • Tomorrer is eleckshun day, so tonite the Republercans hav been havin a gran free strete exhybishun.

    The Bad Boy At Home

    Walter T. Gray

  • Now we got to pull out of here tonite an go somewhere else like a fello tryin to sleep on a park bench.

  • One I used to hear a whole heap was ‘It goiner be a hot time in the old time tonite.’

  • Im goin into town tonite with a bunch to eat a swell dinner on a china plate.

    Dere Mable

    Edward Streeter