verb (used without object)
  1. (of a horn or whistle) to give forth its characteristic sound.
  2. to make a sound resembling that of a horn, whistle, or the like.
  3. to sound or blow a horn, whistle, or wind instrument.
verb (used with object)
  1. to cause (a horn, whistle, or wind instrument) to sound.
  2. to sound (notes, music, etc.) on a horn or the like.
  1. an act or sound of tooting.
  2. Slang. cocaine.

Origin of toot

1500–10; akin to Low German, German tuten, Dutch toeten, Swedish tuta in same sense; orig. imitative
Related formstoot·er, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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Historical Examples of tooter

  • He engaged Mr. Tooter to be there with his fife, and Mr. Noggin with his drum.

    Winning His Way

    Charles Carleton Coffin

  • You've got the tooter's room; he has his schoolroom next door.

    Denis Dent

    Ernest W. Hornung

  • Then I heard a long-drawn sigh of relief, as Tooter drew himself a foaming stein-ful of the Dortmunder beer.

  • I guess it's bad enough for Uncle Tooter to leave me to-morrow, without a threat of fisticuffs.

  • Mr. Tooter and Mr. Noggin, with Mr. Chrome, who had a new flag, walked out upon the parade-ground.

    Winning His Way

    Charles Carleton Coffin

British Dictionary definitions for tooter


  1. to give or cause to give (a short blast, hoot, or whistle)to toot a horn; to toot a blast; the train tooted
  1. the sound made by or as if by a horn, whistle, etc
  2. slang any drug for snorting, esp cocaine
  3. US and Canadian slang a drinking spree
  4. (tʊt) Australian slang a lavatory
Derived Formstooter, noun

Word Origin for toot

C16: from Middle Low German tuten, of imitative origin


  1. NZ an informal name for tutu 2
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Word Origin and History for tooter



c.1500, ultimately imitative, also found in Middle Low German and Low German tuten "blow a horn." Related: Tooted; tooting. The noun is recorded from 1640s. Meaning "cocaine" is attested by 1977. Tooting as a strong affirmative (e.g. you're damned tootin') is attested from 1932, American English. Toots as a slang familiar form of address to a woman or girl is recorded from 1936, American English.

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