[ tuh-pol-uh-jee ]
/ t蓹藞p蓲l 蓹 d蕭i /
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noun, plural to路pol路o路gies for 3. Mathematics.
the study of those properties of geometric forms that remain invariant under certain transformations, as bending or stretching.
Also called point set to路pol路o路gy . the study of limits in sets considered as collections of points.
a collection of open sets making a given set a topological space.
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Rarely a路nal路y路sis si路tus [uh-nal-uh-sis sahy-tuhs, see-] /蓹藞n忙l 蓹 s瑟s 藞sa瑟 t蓹s, 藞si-/ (for defs. 1, 2) .

Origin of topology

First recorded in 1650鈥60; topo- + -logy


top路o路log路ic [top-uh-loj-ik], /藢t蓲p 蓹藞l蓲d蕭 瑟k/, top路o路log路i路cal, adjectivetop路o路log路i路cal路ly, adverbto路pol路o路gist, noun
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How to use topology in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for topology

/ (t蓹藞p蓲l蓹d蕭瑟) /

the branch of mathematics concerned with generalization of the concepts of continuity, limit, etc
a branch of geometry describing the properties of a figure that are unaffected by continuous distortion, such as stretching or knottingFormer name: analysis situs
maths a family of subsets of a given set S, such that S is a topological space
the arrangement and interlinking of computers in a computer network
the study of the topography of a given place, esp as far as it reflects its history
the anatomy of any specific bodily area, structure, or part

Derived forms of topology

topologic (藢t蓲p蓹藞l蓲d蕭瑟k) or topological, adjectivetopologically, adverbtopologist, noun
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Scientific definitions for topology

[ t蓹-p艔l蓹-j膿 ]

The mathematical study of the geometric properties that are not normally affected by changes in the size or shape of geometric figures. In topology, a donut and a coffee cup with a handle are equivalent shapes, because each has a single hole.
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