total heat

  1. another term for enthalpy

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How to use total heat in a sentence

  • The second is the actual heat efficiency, or the ratio of the heat turned into work to the total heat received by the engine.

    Aviation Engines | Victor Wilfred Pag
  • The total heat of the steam remains nearly constant, whatever be the temperature at which the vaporization occurred.

  • The thermal efficiency of an engine is the ratio of the heat transformed into work to the total heat supplied to the engine.

    Steam Engines | Anonymous
  • A gallon of gasoline will give on an average but about five-sixths as much total heat as a gallon of kerosene.

    Mechanical Devices in the Home | Edith Louise Allen
  • His next step was the discovery of the total heat of steam, and that this remains practically constant at all pressures.

    James Watt | Andrew Carnegie