/ (ˌtəʊˈhɛəd) /

  1. having blond and sometimes tousled hair

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How to use tow-haired in a sentence

  • A lanky, tow-haired boy of fifteen was tucking himself up carefully among the blankets on the left-hand side of the seat.

    The Watchers of the Trails | Charles G. D. Roberts
  • The kick was from a difficult angle, but the tow-haired player made it, and the score was tied.

    The Turner Twins | Ralph Henry Barbour
  • But one day the tow-haired boy pulled the near rein too hard while rounding a corner and a wheel was smashed against a lamp-post.

    Horses Nine | Sewell Ford
  • One of them, a tow-haired boy of twenty, summed up the matter with irreverent brevity.

    The Shepherd of the North | Richard Aumerle Maher
  • Why should I care what a tow-haired person called Jonas, whom I never saw before thinks of me?

    Anne Of The Island | Lucy Maud Montgomery