of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or belonging to a town: town laws; town government; town constable.

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Origin of town

before 900; Middle English toun, tun, Old English tūn walled or fenced place, courtyard, farmstead, village; cognate with Old Norse tūn homefield, German Zaun fence, Old Irish dún fort

Related formstown·less, adjectivein·ter·town, adjective

Synonym study

1. See community.




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  1. a densely populated urban area, typically smaller than a city and larger than a village, having some local powers of government and a fixed boundary
  2. (as modifier)town life Related adjective: urban
a city, borough, or other urban area
(in the US) a territorial unit of local government that is smaller than a county; township
the nearest town or commercial district
London or the chief city of an area
the inhabitants of a town
the permanent residents of a university town as opposed to the university staff and studentsCompare gown (def. 3)
go to town
  1. to make a supreme or unrestricted effort; go all out
  2. Australian and NZ informalto lose one's temper
on the town seeking out entertainments and amusements
Derived Formstownish, adjectivetownless, adjective

Word Origin for town

Old English tūn village; related to Old Saxon, Old Norse tūn, Old High German zūn fence, Old Irish dūn

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