trail away

trail off

  1. (intr, adverb) to become fainter, quieter, or weaker: his voice trailed off

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How to use trail away in a sentence

  • Tad, taking a fresh brand, followed the trail away from the camp, the others of the party bringing up the rear.

  • In a flat, dry voice she said, "I'm—supposed—to—" and let it trail away without finishing it.

    Highways in Hiding | George Oliver Smith
  • The very words—the mere sound of them in her own ears made her voice trail away into bitter helpless crying—which would not stop.

    Robin | Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • And Ruddy would not follow the trail away from the rabbit's home.

    Rick and Ruddy | Howard R. Garis
  • You can break trail away from camp six hours, and return over the broken trail in two.

    Woodcraft | E. H. (Elmer Harry) Kreps