[ trans-ley-ter, tranz-, trans-ley-ter, tranz- ]
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  1. Also trans·lat·er . a person who translates.

  2. Television. a relay station that receives programming on one frequency and rebroadcasts it at another frequency for improved local reception.

Origin of translator

1350–1400; Middle English translatour (<Middle French ) <Late Latin translātor (Latin: “one who transfers a thing”); see translate, -tor

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British Dictionary definitions for translator


/ (trænsˈleɪtə, trænz-) /

  1. a person or machine that translates speech or writing

  2. radio a relay transmitter that retransmits a signal on a carrier frequency different from that on which it was received

  1. computing a computer program that converts a program from one language to another

Derived forms of translator

  • translatorial, adjective

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