[truh-pee-zee-uh m]

noun, plural tra·pe·zi·ums, tra·pe·zi·a [truh-pee-zee-uh] /trəˈpi zi ə/.

  1. (in Euclidean geometry) any rectilinear quadrilateral plane figure not a parallelogram.
  2. a quadrilateral plane figure of which no two sides are parallel.
  3. British.trapezoid(def 1a).
Anatomy. a bone in the wrist that articulates with the metacarpal bone of the thumb.

Origin of trapezium

1545–55; < New Latin < Greek trapézion kind of quadrilateral, literally, small table, equivalent to trápez(a) table (shortening of *tetrapeza object having four feet, equivalent to tetra- four + péza foot, akin to poús, podós; see tetra-, foot) + -ion diminutive suffix
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British Dictionary definitions for trapezia


noun plural -ziums or -zia (-zɪə)

mainly British a quadrilateral having two parallel sides of unequal lengthUsual US and Canadian name: trapezoid
mainly US and Canadian a quadrilateral having neither pair of sides parallel
a small bone of the wrist near the base of the thumb
Derived Formstrapezial, adjective

Word Origin for trapezium

C16: via Late Latin from Greek trapezion, from trapeza table
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Word Origin and History for trapezia



1560s, from Late Latin trapezium, from Greek trapezion "irregular quadrilateral," literally "a little table," diminutive of trapeza "table," from tra- "four" (see four) + peza "foot, edge," related to pous (see foot (n.)). Before 1540s, Latin editions of Euclid used the Arabic word helmariphe. As the name of a bone in the wrist, it is recorded from 1840.

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trapezia in Medicine



n. pl. tra•pe•zi•ums

A quadrilateral having no parallel sides.
A bone in the wrist at the base of the thumb, articulating with the first and second metacarpal, scaphoid, and trapezoid bones.
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Plural trapeziums trapezia

A four-sided plane figure having no parallel sides.
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