[ trahyd-nt ]
/ ˈtraɪd nt /


a three-pronged instrument or weapon.
Roman History. a three-pronged spear used by a retiarius in gladiatorial combats.
Classical Mythology. the three-pronged spear forming a characteristic attribute of the sea god Poseidon, or Neptune.
a fish spear having three prongs.
(initial capital letter) Military. a 34-foot (10-meter) submarine-launched U.S. ballistic missile with eight to ten warheads and a range of 6500 miles (10,459 km).


Also tri·den·tal [trahy-den-tl] /traɪˈdɛn tl/. having three prongs or tines.

Origin of trident

1580–90; < Latin trident- (stem of tridēns) having three teeth. See tri-, dent2 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈtraɪdənt) /


a three-pronged spear, originally from the East
(in Greek and Roman mythology) the three-pronged spear that the sea god Poseidon (Neptune) is represented as carrying
a three-pronged instrument, weapon, or symbol


having three prongs

Word Origin for trident

C16: from Latin tridēns three-pronged, from tri- + dēns tooth

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/ (ˈtraɪdənt) /


a type of US submarine-launched ballistic missile with independently targetable warheads
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