[ trooth ]
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noun,plural truths [troothz, trooths]. /truðz, truθs/.
  1. the true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth.

  2. conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.

  1. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.

  2. the state or character of being true.

  3. actuality or actual existence.

  4. an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.

  5. (often initial capital letter) ideal or fundamental reality apart from and transcending perceived experience: the basic truths of life.

  6. agreement with a standard or original.

  7. accuracy, as of position or adjustment.

  8. Archaic. fidelity or constancy.

Idioms about truth

  1. in truth, in reality; in fact; actually: In truth, moral decay hastened the decline of the Roman Empire.

Origin of truth

First recorded before 900; Middle English treuthe, Old English trēowth (cognate with Old Norse tryggth “faith”); see true, -th1

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See truism.

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  • truthless, adjective
  • truth·less·ness, noun
  • mis·truth, noun
  • non·truth, noun

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[ trooth ]

  1. So·journ·er [soh-jur-ner, soh-jur-ner], /ˈsoʊ dʒɜr nər, soʊˈdʒɜr nər/, Isabella Van Wagener, 1797?–1883, U.S. abolitionist, orator, and women's-rights advocate, born into slavery. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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/ (truːθ) /

  1. the quality of being true, genuine, actual, or factual: the truth of his statement was attested

  2. something that is true as opposed to false: you did not tell me the truth

  1. a proven or verified principle or statement; fact: the truths of astronomy

  2. (usually plural) a system of concepts purporting to represent some aspect of the world: the truths of ancient religions

  3. fidelity to a required standard or law

  4. faithful reproduction or portrayal: the truth of a portrait

  5. an obvious fact; truism; platitude

  6. honesty, reliability, or veracity: the truth of her nature

  7. accuracy, as in the setting, adjustment, or position of something, such as a mechanical instrument

  8. the state or quality of being faithful; allegiance

Origin of truth

Old English triewth; related to Old High German gitriuwida fidelity, Old Norse tryggr true

Other words from truth

  • Related adjectives: veritable, veracious

Derived forms of truth

  • truthless, adjective

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  • truth is stranger than fiction
  • truth will out

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