[ tooz-dey, -dee, tyooz- ]
/ ˈtuz deɪ, -di, ˈtyuz- /


the third day of the week, following Monday.

Origin of Tuesday

before 1050; Middle English tewesday, Old English tīwesdæg (cognate with Old High German zīestac, Old Norse tȳsdagr), orig. phrase Tīwes daeg Tiu's day, translating Latin diēs Mārtis day of Mars. See Tiu, 's1, day

pronunciation note for Tuesday

See new.
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/ (ˈtjuːzdɪ, -deɪ) /


the third day of the week; second day of the working week

Word Origin for Tuesday

Old English tīwesdæg, literally: day of Tiw, representing Latin diēs Martis day of Mars; compare Old Norse tӯsdagr, Old High German zīostag; see Tiu, day
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