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[tur-buh t]
noun, plural (especially collectively) tur·bot, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) tur·bots.
  1. a European flatfish, Psetta maxima, having a diamond-shaped body: valued as a food fish.
  2. any of several other flatfishes.
  3. a triggerfish.
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Origin of turbot

1250–1300; Middle English turbut < Anglo-French; Old French tourbot < Medieval Latin turb(ō) turbot (Latin: top; apparently applied to the fish because of its outline; see turbine, turbit) + Old French -ot noun suffix
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noun plural -bot or -bots
  1. a European flatfish, Scophthalmus maximus, having a pale brown speckled scaleless body covered with tubercles: family Bothidae . It is highly valued as a food fish
  2. any of various similar or related fishes
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Word Origin for turbot

C13: from Old French tourbot, from Medieval Latin turbō, from Latin: spinning top, from a fancied similarity in shape; see turbit, turbine
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Word Origin and History for turbot


"large flat fish," c.1300, from Old French turbut (12c.), probably from a Scandinavian source (cf. Old Swedish törnbut, from törn "thorn" + but "flatfish;" see halibut). But OED says of uncertain origin and speculates on a connection to Latin turbo "spinning top."

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