[tahy-puh-graf-i-kuh l]


of or relating to typography.

Also ty·po·graph·ic [tahy-puh-graf-ik] /ˌtaɪ pəˈgræf ɪk/.

Origin of typographical

1770–80; < New Latin typographicus, equivalent to Medieval Latin typograph(ia) typography + -icus -ic + -al1
Related formsty·po·graph·i·cal·ly, adverbnon·ty·po·graph·ic, adjectivenon·ty·po·graph·i·cal, adjectivenon·ty·po·graph·i·cal·ly, adverbpre·ty·po·graph·i·cal, adjective
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Examples from the Web for typographically

Historical Examples of typographically

  • A remarkably handsome volume, typographically equal to the best production of any European capital.

  • An extraordinary sound, which can only be typographically rendered in this manner, suddenly interrupted him.

    The Ocean Wireless Boys And The Naval Code

    John Henry Goldfrap, AKA Captain Wilbur Lawton

  • A primer of information about the marks of punctuation and their use, both grammatically and typographically.

    The Uses of Italic

    Frederick W. Hamilton

  • A remarkably handsome volume, typographically equal to the best productions of any European capital.

  • The prolongation of the "r" in the Scotch way of saying "Burns" is something that cannot be typographically represented.

    Glimpses of Three Coasts

    Helen Hunt Jackson

Word Origin and History for typographically



"pertaining to typography," 1590s; see typography + -ical.

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