una corda

[ oo-nuh kawr-duh; Italian oo-nah kawr-dah ]
/ ˈu nə ˈkɔr də; Italian ˈu nɑ ˈkɔr dɑ /


with the soft pedal depressed (a musical direction in piano playing).
Compare tre corde.

Origin of una corda

1840–50; < Italian: literally, one string, since depressing the soft pedal shifts the hammers so as to strike only two (orig. one) of the strings provided for each note
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British Dictionary definitions for una corda

una corda

/ (ˈuːnə ˈkɔːdə) /

adjective, adverb

music (of the piano) to be played with the soft pedal depressed

Word Origin for una corda

Italian, literally: one string; the pedal moves the mechanism so that only one string of the three tuned to each note is struck by the hammer
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