Origin of coordinate

First recorded in 1635–45; co- + (sub)ordinate


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/ (ˌʌnkəʊˈɔːdɪˌneɪtɪd) /


lacking order, system, or organization
(of a person, action, etc) lacking muscular or emotional coordination

British Dictionary definitions for uncoordinated (2 of 2)



verb (kəʊˈɔːdɪˌneɪt)

noun (kəʊˈɔːdɪnɪt, -ˌneɪt)

maths any of a set of numbers that defines the location of a point in spaceSee Cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates
a person or thing equal in rank, type, etc

adjective (kəʊˈɔːdɪnɪt, -ˌneɪt)

See also coordinates

Derived forms of coordinate

coordinately or co-ordinately, adverbcoordinateness or co-ordinateness, nouncoordinative or co-ordinative, adjectivecoordinator or co-ordinator, noun
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Scientific definitions for uncoordinated

[ kō-ôrdn-ĭt ]

One of a set of numbers that determines the position of a point. Only one coordinate is needed if the point is on a line, two if the point is in a plane, and three if it is in space.
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