[ verb uhn-der-lahyn, uhn-der-lahyn; noun uhn-der-lahyn ]
/ verb ˈʌn dərˌlaɪn, ˌʌn dərˈlaɪn; noun ˈʌn dərˌlaɪn /

verb (used with object), un·der·lined, un·der·lin·ing.

to mark with a line or lines underneath; underscore.
to indicate the importance of; emphasize, as by stressing or italicizing.


Printing. a caption under an illustration.
a line drawn under something; an underscore.


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Origin of underline

First recorded in 1715–25; under- + line1


un·der·lin·ing, un·der·lin·e·a·tion [uhn-der-lin-ee-ey-shuh n] /ˌʌn dərˌlɪn iˈeɪ ʃən/, nounun·der·lin·er, noun
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verb (ˌʌndəˈlaɪn) (tr)

to put a line under
to state forcibly; emphasize or reinforce

noun (ˈʌndəˌlaɪn)

a line underneath, esp under written matter
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