/ (ˌʌndɪˈskʌvəd) /
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not discovered or encountered
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What does undiscovered mean?

Undiscovered is an adjective that’s used to describe something that has not been found or found out about yet.

To discover something is to find or find out about something for the first time. The word discover is especially associated with finding new places (as in discovering new lands) and scientific breakthroughs (as in discovering a cure).

But the word discover also has a few more basic senses: to encounter for the first time to find after research or inspection. The word undiscovered can be applied in these ways, as in When I was a kid, my love of coffee was still undiscovered. 

Example: Even in the modern age, there are still probably a few undiscovered places.

Where does undiscovered come from?

The first records of the word undiscovered come from the 1500s. It comes from the Late Latin discooperīre, meaning “to disclose” or “to expose.” The prefix un- means “not.”

Scientists theorize that there are many undiscovered species of creatures in the depths of the ocean and in lesser explored parts of rainforests. Archaeologists dig for undiscovered artifacts. But undiscovered things aren’t necessarily covered or hidden. Things can remain undiscovered simply because no one has located or encountered them yet. You may have an undiscovered talent in some activity that you simply haven’t tried yet.

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How is undiscovered used in real life?

The word undiscovered is especially used in the context of exploration and scientific finds.



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Which of the following things could be described as undiscovered?

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