undreamt (ʌnˈdrɛmt)

/ (ʌnˈdriːmd) /

  1. (often foll by of) not thought of, conceived, or imagined

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How to use undreamed in a sentence

  • And then along came Masters and Johnson to take the field to a whole new, hitherto undreamed-of level.

  • There was a strange, wistful radiance in her face, as if she had chanced upon an undreamed-of joy.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • Then you shall hear of things undreamed of, and understand all that I may not tell you now.

    The Reckoning | Robert W. Chambers
  • The Clemens household resorted to economies hitherto undreamed of.

  • But the repose he sought he scarce for an hour realized.-36- undreamed-of turmoil kept him in a whirl of unsettledness.

    Literary New York | Charles Hemstreet
  • Unconsciously at first, Firmstone had opened the eyes of lise to vistas, to possibilities which hitherto had been undreamed of.

    Blue Goose | Frank Lewis Nason