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[ uhng-gwis ]
/ ˈʌŋ gwɪs /

noun, plural un·gues [uhng-gweez] /ˈʌŋ gwiz/.

a nail, claw, or hoof.
Botany. the clawlike base of certain petals.


paw, tentacle, fingernail, ungulate, frog, tramp, foot, cleft, cloven, talon, nipper, crook, hook, barb, spur, clapperclaw, fang, manus, grapnel, grappler

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Origin of unguis

1685–95; < Latin unguis a nail, claw, hoof; akin to Greek ónyx Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for ungues

  • Each of the ungues has a little tuft of strong hairs issuing from the extremity of the terminal joint of the tarsi.

    Illustrations of Exotic Entomology, Volume 1|Dru Drury
  • The furca is, as a rule, a powerful motor-organ, and has its laminae edged with strong teeth (ungues) or setae or both.

  • They include the Lobus superior, the Lobus inferior, and the Ungues.

  • Tanquam ungues digitosque suos—As well as his nails and fingers; at his fingers' ends.

British Dictionary definitions for ungues


/ (ˈʌŋɡwɪs) /

noun plural -gues (-ɡwiːz)

a nail, claw, or hoof, or the part of the digit giving rise to it
the clawlike base of certain petals

Word Origin for unguis

C18: from Latin
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Medicine definitions for ungues


[ ŭnggwĭs ]

n. pl. un•gues (-gwēz)

Any of the thin horny translucent plates covering the upper surface at the end of each finger and toe, consisting of a visible body and a root concealed under a fold of skin; a fingernail or toenail.onyx
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