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or sted·fast

[sted-fast, -fahst, -fuhst]
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  1. fixed in direction; steadily directed: a steadfast gaze.
  2. firm in purpose, resolution, faith, attachment, etc., as a person: a steadfast friend.
  3. unwavering, as resolution, faith, adherence, etc.
  4. firmly established, as an institution or a state of affairs.
  5. firmly fixed in place or position.
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Origin of steadfast

before 1000; Middle English stedefast, Old English stedefæst. See stead, fast1
Related formsstead·fast·ly, adverbstead·fast·ness, nouno·ver·stead·fast, adjectiveo·ver·stead·fast·ly, adverbo·ver·stead·fast·ness, nounun·stead·fast, adjectiveun·stead·fast·ly, adverbun·stead·fast·ness, noun

Synonyms for steadfast

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2. sure, dependable, reliable, constant, unwavering. Steadfast, staunch, steady imply a sureness and continuousness that may be depended upon. Steadfast literally means fixed in place, but is chiefly used figuratively to indicate undeviating constancy or resolution: steadfast in one's faith. Staunch literally means watertight, as of a vessel, and therefore strong and firm; figuratively, it is used of loyal support that will endure strain: a staunch advocate of free trade. Literally, steady is applied to that which is relatively firm in position or continuous in movement or duration: a steady flow; figuratively, it implies sober regularity or persistence: a steady worker. 4, 5. stable.

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roving, portable, liquid, itinerant, fluid, free, migrant, peripatetic, ambulatory, wandering, locomotive, motile, flying, running, going, roaming, walking, progressing, traversing, advancing

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Historical Examples of unsteadfast

  • The glances that he fixed upon me were unsteadfast and wild.

    Arthur Mervyn

    Charles Brockden Brown

  • Morton translates false reckoning, which hardly comes under the head of unsteadfast belief; fals takynges P.

  • The people he had led thither were mere children, rendered dependent and unsteadfast by their long period of servitude.

  • Some old tales evince it in the unsteadfast purpose of the narrative, the hero quite forgetting the initial motive of his action.

  • Black-coloured the unsteadfast comrade; white the man whose thoughts keep troth.

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  1. (esp of a person's gaze) fixed in intensity or direction; steady
  2. unwavering or determined in purpose, loyalty, etcsteadfast resolve
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Derived Formssteadfastly or stedfastly, adverbsteadfastness or stedfastness, noun
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Word Origin and History for unsteadfast



Old English stedefæst "secure in position," from stede (see stead) + fæst (see fast (adj.)); cf. Middle Low German stedevast, Old Norse staðfastr. Related: Steadfastly, steadfastness.

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