up the creek

Also, up shit creek. See up a creek.

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How to use up the creek in a sentence

  • The Fly-up-the-creek uttered an angry "ke-whack" and tried to bite off the owl's head, but the "old man" hopped out of his way.

  • By this time the Fly-up-the-creek had already begun to reach out for his clothes, which Bobby hastily threw into the fire.

  • But the slender Mr. Fly-up-the-creek only nodded and said ke-whack two or three times, by way of clearing his throat.

  • When once the fly-up-the-creek had gone out of sight and out of hearing, Bobby started on his search for the Sleepy-headed People.

  • “Also I suppose this means I must give up all hope of services from that fly-up-the-creek, Clendenning,” he grumbled as he read.

    The Daredevil | Maria Thompson Daviess