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[yoo r-uh-nom-i-tree]
noun Astronomy.
  1. a chart of the positions of the heavenly bodies on the celestial sphere.
  2. the measurement of the positions of heavenly bodies.
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Origin of uranometry

From the New Latin word uranometria, dating back to 1705–15. See urano-, -metry
Related formsu·ra·no·met·ri·cal [yoo r-uh-nuh-me-tri-kuh l] /ˌyʊər ə nəˈmɛ trɪ kəl/, adjective
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Historical Examples

  • Uranometry, ū-ra-nom′e-tri, n. the measurement of the heavens: a description of the groups of constellations.

    Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 4 of 4: S-Z and supplements)