[ vey-per ]

noun, verb (used with or without object)Chiefly British.

usage note For vapour

See -or1.

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How to use vapour in a sentence

  • At other times spouts of green or black vapour rise, mix and lose themselves in the yellow cloud.

  • The sphere is so near to the sun that if it were possessed of water it would inevitably bear an atmosphere full of vapour.

    Outlines of the Earth's History | Nathaniel Southgate Shaler

British Dictionary definitions for vapour


US vapor

/ (ˈveɪpə) /

  1. particles of moisture or other substance suspended in air and visible as clouds, smoke, etc

  2. a gaseous substance at a temperature below its critical temperature: Compare gas (def. 3)

  1. a substance that is in a gaseous state at a temperature below its boiling point

  2. rare something fanciful that lacks substance or permanence

  3. the vapours archaic a depressed mental condition believed originally to be the result of vaporous exhalations from the stomach

  1. to evaporate or cause to evaporate; vaporize

  2. (intr) to make vain empty boasts; brag

Origin of vapour

C14: from Latin vapor

Derived forms of vapour

  • vapourable or US vaporable, adjective
  • vapourability or US vaporability, noun
  • vapourer or US vaporer, noun
  • vapourish or US vaporish, adjective
  • vapourless or US vaporless, adjective
  • vapour-like or US vapor-like, adjective
  • vapoury or US vapory, adjective

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