[ vair-ee-uh ]
/ ˈvɛər i ə /

plural noun

miscellaneous items, especially a miscellany of literary works.

Origin of varia

1925–30; < New Latin, Latin, neuter plural of varius various

Definition for varia (2 of 2)

varia lectio

[ wah-ri-ah lek-ti-oh; English vair-ee-uh lek-shee-oh ]
/ ˈwɑ rɪˌɑ ˈlɛk tɪˌoʊ; English ˈvɛər i ə ˈlɛk ʃiˌoʊ /

noun, plural va·ri·ae lec·ti·o·nes [wah-ri-ahy lek-ti-oh-nes; English vair-ee-ee lek-shee-oh-neez] /ˈwɑ rɪˌaɪ ˌlɛk tɪˈoʊ nɛs; English ˈvɛər iˌi ˌlɛk ʃiˈoʊ niz/. Latin.

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/ (ˈvɛərɪə) /

pl n

a collection or miscellany, esp of literary works

Word Origin for varia

Latin, neuter plural of varius various
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