[ vas ]

noun,plural va·sa [vey-suh]. /ˈveɪ sə/. Anatomy, Zoology, Botany.
  1. a vessel or duct.

Origin of vas

First recorded in 1645–55, vas is from the Latin word vās vessel

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  1. variant of vaso- before a vowel: vasectomy. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use vas in a sentence

  • I vas know Adrian Brackel vell—he sell de powders dat empty men's stomach, and fill him's own purse.

    Peveril of the Peak | Sir Walter Scott
  • I beg your pardon,' says the artist, 'I quite forgot poor Mary vas dere.

    Art in England | Dutton Cook
  • He vould haf drowed der kitchen stof ad me, only it vas hotter as he could hantle.

    Motor Matt's Mystery | Stanley R. Matthews

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/ (væs) /

nounplural vasa (ˈveɪsə)
  1. anatomy zoology a vessel, duct, or tube that carries a fluid

Origin of vas

C17: from Latin: vessel

British Dictionary definitions for vas- (2 of 2)


combining form
  1. a variant of vaso-

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