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  1. a large container, as a tub or tank, used for storing or holding liquids: a wine vat.
  2. Chemistry.
    1. a preparation containing an insoluble dye converted by reduction into a soluble leuco base.
    2. a vessel containing such a preparation.
verb (used with object), vat·ted, vat·ting.
  1. to put into or treat in a vat.

Origin of vat

before 1100; Middle English (south); Old English fæt vessel; cognate with Old Norse fat vessel, German Fass keg
Related formsun·vat·ted, adjective


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container, cask, barrel, cistern, tank, basin, tub, pit, tun

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  1. a large container for holding or storing liquids
  2. chem a preparation of reduced vat dye
verb vats, vatting or vatted
  1. (tr) to place, store, or treat in a vat

Word Origin for vat

Old English fæt; related to Old Frisian fet, Old Saxon, Old Norse fat, Old High German faz


abbreviation for (in Britain)
  1. value-added tax: a tax levied on the difference between the cost of materials and the selling price of a commodity or service


abbreviation for
  1. Vatican
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Word Origin and History for vat

early 13c., southern variant (see V) of Old English fæt "container, vat," from Proto-Germanic *fatan (cf. Old Saxon, Old Norse fat, Old Frisian fet, Middle Dutch, Dutch vat, Old High German faz, German faß).

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