[ vur-tuh-si-las-ter ]

  1. an inflorescence in which the flowers are arranged in a seeming whorl, consisting in fact of a pair of opposite axillary, usually sessile, cymes, as in many mints.

Origin of verticillaster

1825–35; <Latin verticill(us) verticil + -aster1

Other words from verticillaster

  • ver·ti·cil·las·trate [vur-tuh-si-las-treyt, -trit], /ˈvɜr tə sɪˌlæs treɪt, -trɪt/, adjective

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How to use verticillaster in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for verticillaster


/ (ˌvɜːtɪsɪˈlæstə) /

  1. botany an inflorescence, such as that of the dead-nettle, that resembles a whorl but consists of two crowded cymes on either side of the stem

Origin of verticillaster

C19: from New Latin; see verticil, -aster

Derived forms of verticillaster

  • verticillastrate (ˌvɜːtɪsɪˈlæsˌtreɪt, -trɪt), adjective

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