[ vur-choo-oh-soh ]
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noun,plural vir·tu·o·sos, vir·tu·o·si [vur-choo-oh-see]. /ˌvɜr tʃuˈoʊ si/.
  1. a person who has special knowledge or skill in a field.

  2. a person who excels in musical technique or execution.

  1. a person who has a cultivated appreciation of artistic excellence, as a connoisseur or collector of objects of art, antiques, etc.

  2. Obsolete. a person who has special interest or knowledge in the arts and sciences; scientist; scholar.

  1. Also vir·tu·os·ic [vur-choo-os-ik]. /ˌvɜr tʃuˈɒs ɪk/. of, relating to, or characteristic of a virtuoso: a virtuoso performance.

Origin of virtuoso

1610–20; <Italian: versed, skilled <Late Latin virtuosusvirtuous Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

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/ (ˌvɜːtjʊˈəʊzəʊ, -səʊ) /

nounplural -sos or -si (-siː)
  1. a consummate master of musical technique and artistry

  2. a person who has a masterly or dazzling skill or technique in any field of activity

  1. a connoisseur, dilettante, or collector of art objects

  2. obsolete a scholar or savant

  3. (modifier) showing masterly skill or brilliance: a virtuoso performance

Origin of virtuoso

C17: from Italian: skilled, from Late Latin virtuōsus good, virtuous; see virtue

Derived forms of virtuoso

  • virtuosic (ˌvɜːtjʊˈɒsɪk), adjective
  • virtuosity, noun

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