[ vom-i-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee ]

  1. inducing vomiting; emetic.

  2. of or relating to vomiting.

noun,plural vom·i·to·ries.
  1. an emetic.

  2. an opening through which something is ejected or discharged.

  1. Also called vomitorium. an opening, as in a stadium or theater, permitting large numbers of people to enter or leave.

Origin of vomitory

1595–1605; <Latin vomitōrius, equivalent to vomi-, variant stem of vomere to vomit + -tōrius-tory1

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British Dictionary definitions for vomitory


/ (ˈvɒmɪtərɪ, -trɪ) /

  1. Also called: vomitive (ˈvɒmɪtɪv) causing vomiting; emetic

nounplural -ries
  1. Also called: vomitive a vomitory agent

  2. rare a container for receiving vomitus

  1. Also called: vomitorium (ˌvɒmɪˈtɔːrɪəm) a passageway in an ancient Roman amphitheatre that connects an outside entrance to a tier of seats

  2. an opening through which matter is ejected

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