[wop-uh n-teyk, wap-]


(formerly in N England and the Midlands) a subdivision of a shire or county corresponding to a hundred.

Origin of wapentake

before 1000; Middle English < Old Norse vāpnatak (compare Old English wǣpen-getæc) show of weapons at public voting, equivalent to vāpna (genitive plural of vāpn weapon) + tak taking; see take
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English legal history a subdivision of certain shires or counties, esp in the Midlands and North of England, corresponding to the hundred in other shires

Word Origin for wapentake

Old English wǣpen (ge) tæc, from Old Norse vāpnatak, from vápn weapon + tak take
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Word Origin and History for wapentake

division of certain English counties (equivalent to a hundred in other places), Old English wæpengetæc, from Old Norse vapnatak, from vapna, genitive plural of vapn "weapon" (see weapon) + tak "touching," from taka "to take, grasp." Perhaps it originally was an armed muster with inspection of weapons, or else an assembly where consent was expressed by brandishing swords and spears.

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