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    warm the bench, Sports. to serve as a substitute who rarely plays in a game: The young outfielder warmed the bench for the Yankees last season.

Origin of warm

before 900; (adj.) Middle English werm, warm, Old English wearm; cognate with German warm, Old Norse varmr; (v.) Middle English warmen, wermen, Old English werman, wirman (transitive), wearmian (intransitive), both akin to the adj.; (noun) derivative of the v.


1–3, 5, 8 cool.

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British Dictionary definitions for warm the bench

/ (wɔːm) /




informal a warm place or areacome into the warm
informal the act or an instance of warming or being warmed
See also warm over, warm up

Derived forms of warm

warmer, nounwarmish, adjectivewarmly, adverbwarmness, noun

Word Origin for warm

Old English wearm; related to Old Frisian, Old Saxon warm, Old Norse varmr
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warm the bench

Also, ride the bench. Be a secondary or substitute participant; wait one's turn to participate. For example, I can't wait till the head of accounting retires; I've been warming the bench for years. This expression comes from such sports as baseball and football, and their standard practice of having substitute players sit on a bench in case they are needed in a game. [Slang; early 1900s]

Idioms and Phrases with warm the bench (2 of 2)


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