[ wey-in ]
/ ˈweɪˌɪn /

noun Sports.

the act or an instance of weighing in: After the weigh-in the fighters posed for photographers.

Origin of weigh-in

First recorded in 1865–70; noun use of verb phrase weigh in

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[ wey ]
/ weɪ /

verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

Verb Phrases

Origin of weigh

before 900; Middle English weghen, Old English wegan to carry, weigh; cognate with Dutch wegen, German wägen, Old Norse vega; akin to Latin vehere

Related forms

Can be confused

way weigh weight
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weigh in

verb (intr, adverb)

  1. (of a boxer or wrestler) to be weighed before a bout
  2. (of a jockey) to be weighed after, or sometimes before, a race
informal to contribute, as in a discussion, etche weighed in with a few sharp comments

noun weigh-in

the act of checking a competitor's weight, as in boxing, horse racing, etc

British Dictionary definitions for weigh in (2 of 3)


/ (weɪ) /


Derived Forms

weighable, adjectiveweigher, noun

Word Origin for weigh

Old English wegan; related to Old Frisian wega, Old Norse vega, Gothic gawigan, German wiegen

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/ (weɪ) /


under weigh a variant spelling of under way

Word Origin for weigh

C18: variation due to the influence of phrases such as to weigh anchor
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Idioms and Phrases with weigh in

weigh in

Be weighed; also, be of a particular weight. For example, Because it was such a small plane, the passengers and their luggage had to weigh in before takeoff, or The fish weighed in at 18 pounds. [Late 1800s]

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