[ hwip-stich, wip- ]
/ ˈʰwɪpˌstɪtʃ, ˈwɪp- /

verb (used with object)

to sew with stitches passing over an edge, in joining, finishing, or gathering.


one such stitch.

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    every whipstitch, Southern U.S. at short intervals: She drops in to see us every whipstitch.

Origin of whipstitch

First recorded in 1585–95; whip + stitch

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Examples from the Web for whipstitch

  • The boys came home after a time and announced that every soul aboard the Whipstitch was safe and sound in the life saving station.

  • When the backs of sections are very badly worn he will agree to whipstitch, but will use the old method.

    Library Bookbinding|Arthur Low Bailey

British Dictionary definitions for whipstitch


/ (ˈwɪpˌstɪtʃ) /


a sewing stitch passing over an edge
US slang an instant; moment


(tr) to sew (an edge) using whipstitch; overcast
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