wig out

  1. wigs, wigging or wigged (intr, adverb) informal to become extremely excited

Origin of wig out

C20: from bigwig

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How to use wig out in a sentence

  • "Don't be foolish," said the mother, took a wig out of a box from the woman by the door, and approached her daughter.

    Yiddish Tales | Various
  • The hair-dresser could not be found, so he had to go out with the wig out of trim.

    The Countess of Charny | Alexandre Dumas (pere)
  • Then 'e took a wig out of 'is bag and pressed it on his 'ead, put on the cap, put some black stuff on 'is teeth, and there he was.

    His Other Self | W.W. Jacobs
  • Joe had made an attempt to pull her by her silken wig out of that greedy mouth, but the bossy calmly chewed on.

Other Idioms and Phrases with wig out

wig out

Become or make wildly excited or irrational, as in He'll wig out when he gets the bill for that party. This idiom probably alludes to the earlier flip one's wig (see under flip one's lid). [Slang; c. 1950] Also see freak out, def. 2.

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