[ wig-wom, -wawm ]
/ ˈwɪg wɒm, -wɔm /


an American Indian dwelling, usually of rounded or oval shape, formed of poles overlaid with bark, mats, or skins.Compare lodge(def 9), tepee.
the Wigwam. Tammany Hall(def 2).

Origin of wigwam

1620–30, Americanism; < Eastern Abenaki wìkəwαm house < Proto-Algonquian *wi·kiwa·ʔmi; cf. wickiup
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British Dictionary definitions for wigwam

/ (ˈwɪɡˌwæm) /


any dwelling of the North American Indians, esp one made of bark, rushes, or skins spread over or enclosed by a set of arched poles lashed togetherCompare tepee
a similar structure for children

Word Origin for wigwam

from Abnaki and Massachuset wīkwām, literally: their abode
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