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  1. a handful or small bundle of straw, hay, or the like.

  2. any thin tuft, lock, mass, etc.: wisps of hair.

  1. a thin puff or streak, as of smoke; slender trace.

  2. a person or thing that is small, delicate, or barely discernible: a mere wisp of a lad; a wisp of a frown.

  3. a whisk broom.

  4. Chiefly British Dialect.

    • a pad or twist of straw, as used to rub down a horse.

    • a twisted bit of straw used as a torch.

  5. a will-o'-the-wisp or ignis fatuus.

verb (used with object)
  1. to twist into a wisp.

Origin of wisp

1300–50; Middle English wisp, wips; akin to wipe

Other words from wisp

  • wisplike, adjective

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/ (wɪsp) /

  1. a thin, light, delicate, or fibrous piece or strand, such as a streak of smoke or a lock of hair

  2. a small bundle, as of hay or straw

  1. anything slender and delicate: a wisp of a girl

  2. a mere suggestion or hint

  3. a flock of birds, esp snipe

  1. (intr often foll by away) to move or act like a wisp

  2. (tr) mainly British dialect to twist into a wisp

  1. (tr) mainly British to groom (a horse) with a wisp of straw, etc

Origin of wisp

C14: variant of wips, of obscure origin; compare wipe

Derived forms of wisp

  • wisplike, adjective

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/ (wɪsp) /

n acronym for
  1. Wireless Information Service Provider: an internet service provider set up to deal with and deliver internet services to clients through wireless access points

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