[ vawlf; English woo lf ]
/ vɔlf; English wʊlf /


Chris·ti·an von [kris-tee-ahn fuh n] /ˈkrɪs tiˌɑn fən/, Baron.Also Wolf.1679–1754, German philosopher and mathematician.
Kas·par Frie·drich [kahs-pahr free-drikh] /ˈkɑs pɑr ˈfri drɪx/, 1733–94, German anatomist and physiologist.
Related formsWolff·i·an, adjective
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Relating to or described by Kaspar Friedrich Wolff.

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[ vôlf ]
Kaspar Friedrich 1733-1794

German anatomist noted for his pioneering work in embryology. His chief work, Theoria Generationis (1759), refuted the theory of preformation, which held that the embryo is a fully formed miniature adult.
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