[zis-tuh s]

noun, plural xys·ti [zis-tahy] /ˈzɪs taɪ/.

Sixtus II

or Xystus II


Saint,died a.d. 258, pope 257–258.

Sixtus III

or Xystus III


Saint, pope a.d. 432–440.

Xystus I

[zis-tuh s]


Xystus II


Xystus III


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Historical Examples of xystus

  • There are other similar instances as in the case of "xystus," "prothyrum," "telamones," and some others of the sort.

  • The xystus was a level piece of ground, in front of a portico, divided into flower-beds of various shapes by borders of box.

  • In Rome this custom prevailed, at least since the pontificates of Xystus and Telesphorus (about 120).

  • Then they crossed the xystus to the peristyle, and went along a carpeted corridor to the atrium.

  • Xystus (—Hall) the name of the luxuriously-adorned garden back of the peristyle.