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or tzad·dik

[Sephardic Hebrew tsah-deek; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English tsah-dik]
noun, plural zad·di·kim [Sephardic Hebrew tsah-dee-keem; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English tsah-dee-kim, -dik-im] /Sephardic Hebrew tsɑ diˈkim; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English tsɑˈdi kɪm, -ˈdɪk ɪm/. Hebrew.
  1. a person of outstanding virtue and piety.
  2. the leader of a Hasidic group.
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Origin of zaddik

ṣaddīg literally, righteous
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Historical Examples of zaddik

  • But the greatest abuse has come from the doctrine of the Zaddik.

    Dreamers of the Ghetto

    I. Zangwill

  • All and everything that the Zaddik does and thinks has a decided influence upon the382 upper and lower worlds.

  • The Zaddik was also to bear himself proudly towards men; all this was "for the glory of God."

  • The Deity reveals Himself especially in the acts of the Zaddik; even his most trifling deeds are to be considered important.

  • Whoever desired to enter upon a hazardous transaction consulted the Zaddik as an oracle, and had to pay for his counsel.