1. My Black is Beautiful – A Platform Powered by Procter and Gamble – Challenges Dictionaries To #RedefineBlack

  2. Business Insider: 13 slang words everyone is using and what they really mean is a reputable source for everything from academic research to analyzing trending slang.

  3. Washington Post: Kylie Jenner, now a billionaire, is called ‘self-made.’ Is that really true?

    The Twitter reminds us of the true definition of “self-made.”

  4. Defining Times: Adds New Words, Including Impostor Syndrome, Whitelash, Toxic Masculinity, JOMO and More

    Today, the leading online and mobile English-language resource, announced the addition of more than 300 new words and definitions to…

  5. ABC News: From ‘witch hunt,’ to ‘kompromat’: What new definitions added to reveal about our political discourse has added new words to the dictionary, reflecting the changing political landscape.

  6. Buzzfeed: 300 New Words Are Being Added To This Year And, Oh My, They’re Good, everyone’s favorite source for spell-check and sassy clapbacks, just dropped over 300 new words that are being added this year.

  7. CNET: inches closer to explaining the enigma of Gen Z’s vocabulary

    “Shitpost” and “textlationship” are among the site’s newest entries.

  8. NYDaily News: Jussie Smollett and President Trump both claim they were exonerated. Not so fast. reported “exonerate” is already the most searched word on its website in 2019.

  9. The Atlantic: Get Yourself a Nemesis

    Jane Solomon, a lexicographer at, weighs in on the internet phenomena of “nemesis.”

  10. Inc: Even Says Kylie Jenner Shouldn’t Be Called Self-Made (But Then Who Should Exactly?)

    The Twitter reminds us of the true definition of “self-made.”

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