1. DatingAdvice: Gives Singles the Words They Need to Woo Someone Online can help daters up the caliber of their messages by eliminating misspellings, defining slang words, and suggesting synonyms that convey greater meaning. We all use words every day, and we could all use some help translating what is in our hearts and minds into clear terms.

  2. 2018 Gold Stevie Winner: Education and Reference

  3. Hosting Advice: From Slang to Emoji, Tirelessly Documents New Words and Meanings in the Age of Memes, Social Media, and Texting’s modern compilation of definitions includes words coined on social media, new uses for old words, and even emoji. Two staffers spilled about what it’s like to be a lexicographer (noun; a person who compiles dictionaries), how technology influences language, and why defining a word can sometimes be controversial.

  4. USA Today: Dictionary site weighs in on definition of rookie

    The Rookie of the Year battle between Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons – which has become an argument over who should be eligible for the NBA’s annual award for rooks – took a sartorial turn when the Utah Jazz guard wore a sweater with the definition of the word “rookie” on Tuesday night.

  5. NBC Sports: Bryce Harper gets loudly heckled, immediately goes deep on the next pitch

    Not only would that run prove to be the difference in the Nats 6-5 win, but said fan was then promptly roasted by Brands, roasting fans, roasting players. Baseball!

  6. CNN Politics: Presidential misspellings create spike in dictionary searches

    According to a report by, when the President’s account has tweeted misspelled words, it has corresponded with a spike in searches of the same words spelled incorrectly on the website.

  7. Washington Post: Trump’s spelling is so bad, online dictionaries are seeing an ‘unpresidented’ boost in traffic

    Every time Trump tweets a misspelling or misuses a word, there is a surge in dictionary searches for the “exact configuration” of the letters he used, according to data released by These searches indicate people are taking it upon themselves to fact-check the president in real time.

  8. Time: A Major Dictionary Has Officially Added Emoji

    Today is a tears-of-joy day for emoji. In a move that reflects the changing nature of communication — and the evolving role of dictionaries — has officially added explanations for these little pictorial symbols, becoming the first major reference to do so.

  9. Fortune: ‘Netflix and Chill’ and the Poo Emoji Are Now in the Dictionary

    If you’ve ever been confused about the meaning of an emoji someone sends you, now you can look its up definition in the dictionary.

  10. Mashable: partnered with Save the Children to raise awareness of kids living in conflict zones.

    Words are powerful beyond measure, but they hold different meanings for each person. With that truth in mind, Save the Children — an international organization that fights for children’s rights – enlisted the help of to show how definitions can vary under different circumstances.

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