What does AAFES stand for?

AAFES is the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, the retailing service on US Army and Air Force installations worldwide. They provide commissary outlets and stores that sell clothing and household goods to active duty and retired members and family.

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Examples of AAFES


Examples of AAFES
The goal is to provide "a grocery solution that preserves military resale while lowering the [taxpayer] burden," according to the AAFES documents.
Karen Jowers, MilitaryTimes.com, July, 2016
One of my #VeteransDay sale purchases! Thanks #AAFES awesome pricing! $149 dollars! @Xbox @majornelson @EA @Battlefield
@FitByBurgan, November, 2017
Like all retailers, the Army and Air Force Exchange (AAFES) and the Navy Exchange (NEX) are looking for ways to improve their business model.
Ryan Guina, TheMilitaryWallet.com, July, 2017

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