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What does AOTY mean?

AOTY is an acronym standing for album of the year. It is used as a hashtag on social media to discuss opinions on music and which release deserves the title.

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Examples of AOTY

If Blond(e) wasn't in your Top 3 AOTY I fundamentally distrust you as a person
@CarWashComrade, December, 2016
lorde is the only nominee for AOTY not offered a solo performance? SCAMMYs CANCELLEDT
@lordeslut, January, 2018
The performance is enjoyable (watch it at the top of the page), and the song supremely chill, but honestly I could not stop looking at the lizard. It oozes star quality. When are we getting this lizard's mixtape? And how many 2018 AOTY lists will it top?
Lauren O'Neill, Noisey, January, 2018

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