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What does BMW mean?

 BMW is the acronym for luxury automobile producer BMW, which stands for Bavarian Motor Works.

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  • R32

Examples of BMW

He's 5'10 single, has a job and drives a BMW, great chef and a great listener ladies hit him up
@bigbane84, December, 2017
my bestfriends mom just took me for a ride in her brand new BMW with red leather interior and all I could think to myself was this is the reason I'm going to college
@brianaaaj, December, 2017
Smithtown housewife Alexis Fields, 40, says she hasn't been able to throw rocks, or even pick up a spare, since Halloween 2016 when the "soft close" function on her 2012 BMW 750Li "pulverized" her hitching digit.
Roshan Abraham, The NY Daily News, May, 2018

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