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What does CVH mean?

CVH is an acronym used to stand for a variety of things, including Community Voices Heard (a community organization in New York), Christan Van Hoose (a twitch streamer), and Chris Van Hollen (a politician).

Examples of CVH

Martin O'Malley, who just endorsed CVH today, says his son has been volunteering for his campaign
@rachelweinerwp, April, 2016
CVH stands with the family of #RamarleyGraham. #FireHaste & all NYPD who killed Ramarley, abused his family & covered it up.
@CVHaction, January, 2017
The most important answer to "why doesn't CVH set up a 24/7 rebroadcast?" (Would leave the game before setting one up if I had to do so to maintain good #s)
@IAmCVH, November, 2017

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