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What does DILF mean?

DILF is an acronym that stands for Dad I'd Like to Fuck, a term applied to sexy fathers or just men of middle age. DILF is definitely meant as a compliment, dads ... even if it's a little creepy.

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Examples of DILF
Milf sounds smooth and slightly seductive, while dilf sounds like some rejected Sesame Street character.
Blake Harper, Fatherly, February, 2018
Y’all don’t even understand. My whole life #JoshBrolin has been ugly to me. But at some point in the last few years he suddenly got #dilf level hot.
@TONY_VISION, June, 2018
But DILF-hood isn’t all about gooey, Kodak-moment cuteness. A premium DILF doesn’t care that his six-month-old has projectile puked all over his Zegna cable-knit, he gets up at 4am for feed duties, has been beautifully “desolipsised” by fatherhood and now has more important, adorable things on his mind than his vanity, Facebook updates or a dusty vintage trainer collection.
Simon Mills, GQ, April, 2016
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