What does FFS mean?

FFS is an acronym used mostly online that means for fuck's sake, an expression of annoyance, disbelief, or exasperation. It is similar to "are you serious?" or "oh, come on!"

Examples of FFS


Examples of FFS
If someone can't keep their hormones in check, that is his/her problem, not the problem of his/her object of desire. It's 2018, #FFS!
@johnmerzetti, April, 2018
Someone has actually messaged me to say that he will only do daytime dates in cafes, a Wednesday would be good for senior citizen rates. #ffs #dinosaurdating
@awrightdisaster, April, 2018
It’s hard to imagine everyday online discourse—especially on social media—without frequent encounters with, or use of, WTF (what the fuck), FFS (for fuck’s sake), and their semi-encoded ilk.
Stan Carey, Slate.com, April, 2015
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