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What does FKA mean?

FKA is an acronym that means formerly known as.

The musician FKA Twigs reportedly uses FKA to refer to the fact that her childhood nickname of “Twigs” predated another artist who laid claim to “Twigs” as a stage name.

Examples of FKA

"We started changing everything we could to 'FKA Viet Cong' until we had a new band name," Munro says, "which we didn't at that point."
Dom Sinacola, Willamette Week, October, 2016
Just in time for summer, 6 Way St. is back on the scene with their debut EP entitled, "TGFKAL (The Group Formerly Known As Level 3:16)" featuring the hit single "Do My Do".
The untitled project (fka Infamy), a legal drama set in an [sic] wrongful conviction firm, had a script plus penalty commitment from the network.
Nellie Andreeva,, August, 2017

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